Empower Girls as a SoleMate!

Charity running has become an integral part of most fitness events across the country. Training for any fitness event is often challenging, and being a SoleMate is a great way to keep it fun, stay motivated and maintain your commitment.

The Girls on the Run SoleMates program provides people an opportunity to raise money for Girls on the Run of the Northwoods while training for the athletic event of their choice. SoleMates set personal goals such as running in a marathon, a 5K, 10K, triathlon, an obstacle course, a bike, ski or snowshoe event to raise money for Girls on the Run in their community. Each year, our SoleMates raise critically needed funds that ensure our councils are able to serve more girls in their communities.

By becoming a SoleMate you are doing much more than achieving your personal fitness goals. By asking friends to support your event training and participation with a donation on your behalf to Girls on the Run of the Northwoods, you are showing your true commitment to the values we are instilling in girls everywhere to celebrate their physical and emotional health. Sign up today and click on button below to be a SoleMates and let your love of running make a difference in the life of a girl.

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ARE YOU ALREADY SIGNED UP? NEED HELP SETTING UP YOUR FUNDRAISER SITE? Download instructions in link below to help.

How to setup your SoleMate fundraiser.