Family-Appointed Running Buddy

Running Buddy – is a volunteer who is at least 16 years old and is appointed by a participant’s family who provides support for Girls on the Run participant(s) during the 10-week season, at the practice 5k (optional) and at the Girls on the Run 5k Celebration (mandatory). Running Buddies need to sign up online.  Because of their commitment to the girls and our program, a reduced fee is available to Running Buddies.  As this event is a Fund-Raiser for GOTR Girls’ Scholarships,  fee are necessary to defray costs of the 5K Event.

Franklin Elementary 5K Running Buddy Registration:

Minocqua 5K Running Buddy Registration:

It takes a village…

We make every effort to make sure that each GOTR girl comes to the Final 5K feeling as CONFIDENT and PREPARED as possible!

With that in mind, we have asked various caring people to step up and support the girls throughout the season.  To provide a safe and fun environment, we ask that each family decide if there is a family member or friend who can provide encouragement to that participant as the designated Running Buddy (who is at least 16 years old).  Girls can “share” a Running Buddy. There will be some additional support on the course. Look for “Caped Crusaders” as well a “Got-Your-Back Bikers” – volunteers who will be out on the course, looking out for the safety and enjoyment of our runners.

If you are interested in becoming a Caped Crusader or Got-Your-Back Biker, please click here for register to volunteer for the Minocqua 5K on 5/21/2016 on how to volunteer for the 5K.  There will be no charge to these volunteers. Thank you for supporting the GOTR Scholarship Program whether you volunteer or run our 5K!!


See you on May 14th or 21st for the Girls on the Run Final 5K!!!